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These are images from Hell. is a piercing, tattoo and body-modification studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. I joined the at the very end of the year 2007. Not yet as a photographer but as a bondage rigger. I started taking pictures of Hell shows sometimes during summer of 2008. Iíve been to a lot of shows, gigs and performance and I now consider these people my closest friends. It was natural for me to take picture not only on the stage but off the stage as well. For those off stage photographs I used mainly analog cameras. SLRs, TLRs, point & shoots, black and white film, print or slide film and even Polaroid. After few years, I had a fairly large archive of backstage photos of These pictures remained hidden from eyes of public in my archives and in private gallery that I put up for my friends and members of the crew, that they could see those pictures. This is in high contrast of digital on stage pictures that I publish on my site, on the site of for everyone to see.

During the November 2011 I had a small photo exhibition of hand made 50x60 cm black and white prints. For this exhibition I put up together a gallery that you see here to illustrate the context that those twenty something prints could not create. It is not by all means a complete gallery. Itís a selection that should give you a peek into a private world of people that are able to go on stage and do painful but enjoyable acts.

Pictures here are sorted chronologically from oldest to the newest. You can se how these people changed and how I changed as a photographer. I decided to cover only about two years back in the past skipping most of my early pictures for one reason or another. But there are still plenty of pictures for you to see.

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