Gifs and other updates

Some of you might have noticed a bit of a drop in activity since the start of the year. It's not because I am giving up on photography, I am actually quite profilific but I don't feel like posting much of the stuff at this very site. Lately I have been more and more playing with video. Those of you, who follow my tumblr already know that, those of you do not follow me, I would suggest you do. Here is a small selection of what you are missing.

What you may have also noticed is, that Therése is being featured here very often lately. Working with her is very easy and enjoyable and she's always been very professional. Our schedules coincide remarkably and she even approched me to shoot here for the latest issue of >Sinical Magazine. Be sure to check out her tumblr blog as she is also a painter and does comissions.

As for gif I've been shooting. I at first made them only as a form of trailer for the video on my site or to captivate followers on tumblr but I very much like the form. The gif has to be around 1 - 2 MB in size for tumblr to play it. This leaves you with one or two seconds of video depending on the compression. I am more and more fascinated by movies and video and this is a way for me to brigde a gap between a still image and a video.

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