Upcoming book update

So today, I finished touching up film scans for my upcoming book. That was quite a tedious task. Around 60 frames needed to be digitaly retouched to get rid of the dust, which on some older negatives could not be wiped out. There were also number of scratches on some of them. I still believe, that it is mostly because of my scanner - Nikon LS-5000 that I can see every miniscule dust particle or scratch. When I enlarged the same frame with difused head on my Durst laborator even to 50x60 cm, there were no scratches and only few spots that I would touch up on the positive with retouching brush. However it is done. I have all my model releses and now I need to set only few paragraphs of text and that thing can go to print. I'll keep you updated. What you see on the pictures is a mock-up that I used when I discussed it with other people for opinion.
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